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Business credit cards work much the same way as unsecured personal credit cards. If your personal and business credit history is good, you should be able to get a business credit card with no collateral required. Two things may make it more difficult to obtain a business credit card: if the credit market is tight and if your business is just starting up. Many people think they must get a secured credit card for their business first, but if at all possible, avoid this. Apply for a business credit card just as you would for a personal credit card. The application process is very similar, but you sign as being personally responsible for the business credit card account. The credit limit is determined by the businessí credit history and your own credit history, your income and also the lenderís policies. If your business is turned down for an unsecured credit card, then you may apply for a secured card. This may be necessary as some business purchases require a credit card.

If you do receive a business credit card, make sure you use it in an exemplary way. Make all payments on time, and pay off the entire balance due - at least some months. Try to pay more than the minimum payment due (even if itís only slightly more.) All of this will work in your favor. After about six months of managing your card well, you may be able to acquire a second business credit card. Most businesses have more than one card to use for business purchases. Using credit cards helps businesses keep track of expenses. All the same rules for a personal credit card apply for a business credit card.


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